Design, build, occupy

The Revolution is now.

Benefits from design, build to occupancy

Each Nous House uses the most advanced building materials and technologies available. The benefits of building a Nous House are present at all phases of construction: design, build and occupancy. 

Design phase

  • Meets the most challenging design criteria economically and efficiently
  • Exceeds Dade County highest wind load standards. Tested and approved to 225 mph wind loads (Intertek FL HTL Report C4826.01-450-18)
  • Never have mold or mildew in the structure
  • 85% of all building materials used are recycled

Build phase

  • Reduced time to completion by as much as 50%
  • Minimizes on-site inspections
  • Reduces project management and supervision
  • Increases project planning and scheduling performance

Occupancy phase

  • Minimized power consumption by as much as 70% 
  • Minimizes or eliminates many operational expenses
  • Meets and exceeds LEED and other green building standards for performance and energy conservation