Join the Nous House Revolution

Creating the Freedom to live the life you choose!

Building a home may seem daunting and expensive. Once you move in, the monthly bills can easily pile up.

With a Nous House, typical home maintenance is nearly eliminated. Allowing you the freedom to live the life you choose! 

Nous House costs about the same to build

Nous House construction costs are comparable to building a conventional home. When you add in the monthly savings, you see benefits that go right in your pocket from the day you move in.

Nous House is less expensive once you move in

By building a Nous House, you significantly reduce your monthly electricity, home insurance and maintenance costs. The cost of owning a Nous House is up to 60% less than conventional.


Affordability, durability & design freedom

Why build a Nous House?

  • Cost of building is comparable to conventional construction

  • Low monthly electricity cost 

  • Up to 70% lower annual insurance cost

  • Never have rot, mold or mildew

  • Hurricane tested to 225 mph wind loads

  • Almost fireproof with lowest combustion standards 

  • Design ideas are nearly unlimited

  • Re-paint house only when you want to change the color

  • Time of completion is up to 50% less


Built just the way you want it

Let your imagination run wild!

Your design possibilities are unlimited. Modern, contemporary, colonial, bungalow, ranch, Mediterranean or classical . . .

Each Nous House is created uniquely for you.  

Join the affordable and durable home revolution

We encourage you to join the Nous House revolution of homeowners who are enjoying an affordable and durable dream home of their own. 

Built exactly as you would like! And in significantly less time than typical home construction.